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About Shenghe

Shenghe Resources Holding Co., Ltd Stock Code: 600392

Shenghe built its core business in rare earths (RE), while also takes serious account to other “Precious, Rare, and Scatted” resources. Our main products include RE concentrate, RE oxidants, RE compounds, RE metals, RE metallurgical materials, RE catalysts, zircon sands, titanium concentrate, rutile, etc. Our products are widely applied in green energy, new materials, energy conservation & environmental protection, aerospace, military industry, and electronics, etc.

Shenghe grew in China, but holds its vision global. We value the importance of resources and markets both domestic and global. We successfully mapped out our business to Asia, America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Supported by technical innovation, insisting on the principle of mutual benefit & environmental friendliness, Shenghe—with our partners— endeavor to orderly and harmoniously explore global RE resource and other “Precious, Rare and Scattered” resources, and to prompt sound & green industrial development. Some of our representative international cooperation projects are California Mountain Pass rare earths mine, Greenland Kvanefjeld polymetallic deposit, and Vietnam RE metallurgical & separating plant, etc.

As our enterprise ideal says, “Harmony with Nature, Benefit to All”. Shenghe insists on the developmental principle of integrity among economy, resources and environment. With our business philosophy writes “Development, Innovation, Practicability, Credibility”, we continue our quest on innovation and scientific, green, sustainable development. We also fulfill our social responsibilities to realize harmony amongst environment, customers, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders. In the future, we aim to become a world-leading supplier of RE and RE processed products.

Message from the Chairman

Shenghe Resources Holding Co., Ltd is a global corporation built its premise on rare earths and relevant fields with focus on R&D, production, and application. Upon the birth of Shenghe, we have been closely keeping in step with China’s industrial development. As our core business is in rare earths, we also take serious account to other “precious, rare, and scatted” resources. We value the importance of resources and markets both domestic and global; and we manage to extend our business to the upper and lower reaches of industrial chain. Based on market needs and satisfaction of our customers, we endeavor to explore the potentials in resources, to elevate corporate value, and to improve global rare earths supply chain. Our vision is to develop Shenghe with energy, science, openness, greenness, and humanity.

——Energetic Shenghe. Being characteristic in Chinese rare earth industry, Shenghe designed its equity structure on mixed ownership. We have open business philosophy, flexible management, and win-win innovative mechanism. We present the world with an energetic Shenghe.

——Scientific Shenghe. Through years of technical innovation and accumulation, Shenghe achieved major breakthroughs, like Provincial Awards for Progress in Science and Technology. A leading role in technical innovation is prompting and supporting the company’s leap-type development and global business strategy.

——Open Shenghe. Shenghe has the global vision to develop its global business map. We participate in the exploration of rare earths and “Precious, Rare, Scattered” resources by transparent and sincere cooperation. Together with our partners, we propel the establishment of an open, fair, stable, and orderly supply chain.

——Green Shenghe. Shenghe insists on green developmental ideal. We value environmental protection in our business. Using our full strength, we prompt comprehensive resource recycling and economic utilization to our goal of optimizing rare earths value.

——Humanitarian Shenghe. Shenghe pursues harmony with nature and society. We believe in mutual benefits and win-win with customers and peers. We think rational development of the market and industry is best for all. And we never stop to create value for our investors and employees.

We strongly believe rare earths materials will lead in the upcoming evolution in green energy, new materials and pioneer industries. We are now being given infinite opportunities to expedite development, optimize configuration, prompt corporate upgrade, and promote global management.

We will continue to insist on our corporate ideal of “Harmony in Nature, Benefit to all”, and on our principle of “Make Friends with Integrity, Gain Market with Credibility”. We will hold tight on our business philosophy of “Development, Innovation, Practicability, Credibility”. Building a steady foundation on rare earths resources, we aim to become a climber in enterprise technological innovation and an explorer in global rare earths industrial chain development. We are stern to make our company bigger, better and more competitive, and to create greater value for investors and customers worldwide.

Corporate Culture
  • Corporate Ideal

    Harmony in Nature
    Benefit to All

  • Management Philosophy

    Make Friends with Integrity
    Gain Market with Credibility

  • Core Value


Harmony in Nature
Benefit to All
Make Friends with Integrity
Gain Market with Credibility

Leshan Shenghe Rare Earths Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Leshan Shenghe) was established.

Leshan Shenghe facilities were put into production.

Leshan Shenghe was granted ISO9000 qualification and 62 tons export quota.

Leshan Shenghe was certified by Ministry of Commerce for its export permit.

Leshan Shenghe was given the title “Start Enterprise” for year 2006.

Leshan Shenghe cooperated with GRIM, Peking University, and Tsinghua University on Project of “Development and Application of Key Technologies in Clean Production & Recycling Economy”.

Leshan Shenghe was certified by Ministry of Commerce for export permit, being the only rare earths enterprise in Sichuan Province with export qualification.

Leshan Shenghe Rare Earths Science & Technology Co., Ltd. underwent share reform, and was renamed Leshan Shenghe Rare Earths Co., Ltd. (Leshan Shenghe)

Leshan Shenghe passed Environmental Check, and was confirmed environmentally qualified.

“One-step Bastnaesite Smelting & Separation” was granted First Prize Award in Sichuan Province Science &Technology Progress.

CSRC approved the restructure request between Leshan Shenghe & Taiyuan Tiancheng.

Taiyuan Tiancheng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was renamed Shenghe Resources Co., Ltd. (Shenghe)

"One-step Bastnaesite Smelting & Separation" was granted “Excellence Award” by State Bureau of Intellectual Property.

Leshan Shenghe was approved by Sichuan Science Bureau to undertake “Clean Smelting & Separation Research of Sichuan Bastnaesite with 2,000 t/a TREO Production Line”.

Shenghe became the dominant shareholder of Vietnam Rare Earths Co., Ltd.

Shenghe became the biggest shareholder of Greenland Mineral Ltd. (GMEL).

Shenghe participated in the founding of MPMO.

Chenguang Rare Earths、Shenghe Mineral Sands (Hainan) and Leshan Kebairui became wholly-owned subsidiaries of Shenghe.

Shenghe moved its registration location from Shanxi Province to Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Shenghe Mineral Sands (Hainan) won the title of Hainan Top 100 Private Enterprises (18th) and the title of Haikou Top 100 Private Enterprises (13th).

Ganzhou Chenguang Rare Earths New Materials Co.,Ltd. was rated as one of the top 100 enterprises in Jiangxi Province.

Shenghe invested in 19.9% of Peak Rare Earths Limited, becoming its biggest shareholder.

Shenghe acquired 65% of Baotou City Sunlux Rare Metals Co., Ltd, becoming its dominant shareholder.

Shenghe’s R&D and IT Center started construction.

Lianyungang 1,500,000-ton Zirconium Titanium Project was put into operation.