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Introduction of Products
Rare Earths

Rare earths include the 15 elements of lanthanide family from 57th-71st of the chemical table, plus Scandium and Yttrium that are chemically and electronically similar. Due to their unique magnetic-electronic characters, Rare earths elements are widely applied in green energy, new materials, energy conservation, aerospace, military, and electronics, etc. Rare earths play an indispensible role in upgrading traditional industries and in developing pioneer industries.

In a green & intelligent era, with the risings of green energy, auto-robot, wind power, energy-conserving engine & household appliance, high-end application of rare earths, represented by RE magnetic engine, is likely to lead the RE industry to grow with steadiness.

Product Application

  • EV

  • Wind Power

  • Energy-Conserving Engine

  • Carbon Emission Reduction

Zirconium Titanium

Zirconium is a strategic mineral resource, and is widely used in military & civilian industries. Zirconium and its relevant products are important materials in strategically pioneer industries. Due to its unique physical & chemical characters, zirconium is applied to produce zircon silicate, zircon compounds, fused zircon, precision casting, and fire-proof materials, etc. Advanced manufacturing’s need for zirconium is on a steady grow, which includes zircon metal, zircon compounds, zircon sponge, etc. Australia and Africa are the major suppliers of zirconium, China being the major importer.

Titanium enjoys a reputation as “metal of space”, “metal of future” and “metal of ocean”. It has the lightest density with high strength and corrosion resistance amongst refractory metals. Titanium is widely applied in aerospace, military, marine engineering, pharmaceutics, chemistry, metallurgy, and power generation. China has enormous need for high grade & low impurity titanium.

Product Application

  • Precision Casting

  • Aerospace

  • Fire-proofing

  • Petroleum

Rare Earths Products

Shenghe has constructed a relatively complete RE industrial chain that includes RE concentrates, RE compounds, REOs, RE metals, etc.

Mineral Sands
(Zirconium Titanium Monazite)

Shenghe imports mineral sands (zirconium & titanium) from abroad and separate them in our plants. Our products include zircon sands, titanium concentrate, rutile, kyanite, garnet and monazite, etc.