SH 600392


Global Business Map
Bac Ninh Province,
Perth (Equity Participation),
Ngualla Project (Equity Participation),
Kvanefjeld Project (Equity Participation),
MP Materials (Equity Participation),
Sichuan Business Group

This BG is led by Leshan Shenghe Rare Earths Co., Ltd, Kebairui New Materials Co., Ltd, Shenghe Resources (Dechang) Ltd. Companies in this BG are major players in light rare earths with industries in rare earths separation and metals.

Jiangxi Business Group

This BG is led by Ganzhou Chenguang Rare Earths New Materials Co., Ltd. Companies in this BG include Quannan Advanced New Resource Rare Earths LLC, Ganzhou Bulaite New Resource Rare Earth LLC, Ganzhou Shenghe New Materials Ltd, Shenghe (Quannan) New Materials Ltd, etc. Chenguang Rare Earths is a major supplier of medium & heavy rare earths. It is capable of rare earths separation, metals and recycling.

Overseas Business Group

Companies in this BG include Shenghe Resources (Hainan) Ltd, Shenghe Resources (Singapore) Pte. Ltd, Shenghe Resources (Singapore) International Trading Pte. Ltd, Vietnam Rare Earth Limited, Batou City Sunlux Rare Metal Co., Ltd, etc. Overseas BG focuses on international cooperation. Its main business includes rare earths trading, recycling, and metals, etc. Shenghe is proactive in global participation. Shenghe has good relations with some world-class rare earths projects like Mountain Pass California, Kvanefjled Greenland, Ngualla Tanzania, etc.

Mineral Sands Business Group

Companies in this BG include Shenghe Mineral Sands (Hainan) Ltd, Shenghe Resources (Lianyungang) New Materials High-tech Ltd. Mineral Sands BG focuses on the beneficiation of zirconium, titanium, monazite and heavy mineral concentrates.



Shenghe possesses more than 300 patents

Via years of technical innovation and accumulation, Shenghe achieved major breakthroughs like Provincial Awards for Progress in Science and Technology. A leading role in technical innovation is prompting and supporting Shenghe’s lead-type development and global business development.